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Are you looking to sign up to Before you sign up make sure you use this code. You’ll get $50 free! Here is the latest promo code and info on how to claim the bonus: Promo Code: $50 Bonus

Here is how to get $50 free when you join the crypto trading platform by using a referral code:

  1. Sign up to here
  2. If prompted enter the code: d36mke3eag
  3. The $50 will be available in your account when you’ve staked CRO the native cryptocurrency of Find out how to Stake CRO here.

Staking CRO

CRO is the cryptocurrency of the platform. It’s used for paying trading fees, making payments and other financial services. It’s currently the 9th most popular crypto in terms of market cap. Staking simply means holding your CRO in your account for 180 days. It’s basically a term deposit. Not only will you get the $50 bonus when you stake 1000 CRO but you’ll also earn 20% APR interest. So it’s actually a great way to make money.

1000 CRO works out to be about $180 AUD. So you’ll need that much money to claim your referral bonus. Of course after 180 days, you’ll get your staked CRO back as well as the interest. So you’ll end up with more money than you started with (although this is dependent on the price of CRO).

Why I like

Here’s why I like the platform

  • Staking Rewards – Earn interest when you stake CRO. A great way to make passive income.
  • Get a Crypto Card – spend crypto anywhere a credit/debit card is accepted. They even offer cashback (unto 100%!) on popular services like Netflix and Spotify when you use your card to pay for the service.
  • Save money buying Bitcoin – regularly runs promotions where you can buy bitcoin and other cryptos without paying any fees. Plus if you hold CRO tokens, you’ll save money on fees.
  • Good Reputation – has now been around for a number of years and has developed a good reputation for being reliable and secure.
  • Earn Passive Income – Earn unto 20% APY when you stake your CRO tokens on

You can signup to for free here

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