How to pay your bills using Crypto

Did you know that you can use your Crypto to pay your bills.  If you’re sick of just Hodling, and want to do more with your crypto portfolio, then this might be for you.

These are my top ways for paying any bill using either BPay or a Credit/Debit Card that is all backed by your crypto wallet.

CoinTree Bill Pay

CoinTree has a feature that lets you pay any BPAY bill using your crypto.  It works just like paying a bill through online banking – you enter the biller code and reference number and then select the coin you want to use to pay the bill using crypto.  CoinTree uses their best market rate to convert the crypto into AUD and then automatically send the BPAY payment. Card

CoinTree uses BPay – which is used by most institutions in Australia.  But what if you wanted to pay bills via a credit or debit card? has a debit card that works with your wallet.  Your wallet can hold both crypto and fiat currency.  And you can easily convert between the two.  This means you can easily use your Bitcoin or other crypto to pay for things using a debit card.

The card has some unique benefits such as cashback, airport lounge passes and 100% cashback on Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.

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Coinjar Swipe

Coinjar Swipe is an Debit/Eftpos card backed by crypto.  Just like the card you can convert your crypto into AUD that can be spent using the card.  This card also works at ATMs, so you can turn your crypto balance into cash.   Coinjar offers a rewards programs where you earn points for every $ spent with the card.  These points can be converted into gift cards, donations and fee free crypto purchases.

Should you use Crypto for your Bills?

Personally I see crypto as a store of wealth.  So it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to pay bills using crypto.  However, if I was in a situation where I needed to pay bills but didn’t have enough cash, then this is a great option.  There is no point in holding onto your crypto is you can’t afford to pay the bills!  Don’t ever get into debt over a crypto position!

In terms of value for money, paying using crypto is currently more expensive.  That’s because you are charged a conversion fee between crypto and fiat.  In the future, I have no doubt that companies will start directly accepting crypto and this will be more cost effective.  Right now it is definitely more of a novelty.

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