Here’s a Hodlnaut Referral Code: $20 Free

Before signing up to Hodlnaut, make sure you take advantage of this bonus offer to get $20 free! All you have to do is use this Hodlnaut referral code when you sign. Read on to find out more about this deal:

Hodlnaut Referral Code:

Here is how to get $20 free on Hodlnaut.

  1. Sign up to Hodlnaut using this link
  2. Enter the referral code: bnDSdpzs5
  3. Complete KYC and make your first deposit.

I found the KYC process to be pretty straightforward, although it wasn’t instant. You may need to wait a day or two. If you’ve signed up to a crypto exchange or similar savings service before you’ll know how it works.

In order to get $20 free, you need to make a deposit (equivalent to $1000 USD) within the first 7 days of signing up to the app. You deposit will start generating interest as soon as it’s made.

What is Hodlnaut

With Hodlnaut you can earn passive income on your crypto.. Instead of just holding onto your crypto in a wallet and hoping for the price to rise, you can earn interest and build your wealth faster.

Cryptocurrencies that you can earn interest on through YouHodler

Hodlnaut is a bit like a bank but in the crypto space. Your crypto gets lent to institutional investors and in return you earn interest. Different cryptos on Hodlnaut have different interest rates. But you can earn up to around 12% per annum. This is similar to other crypto savings platforms.

Why I like Hodlnaut

  • Earn Interest on Bitcoin – Hodlnaut has some of the best interest rates. If you’ve used Nexo or Blockfi, but wanted a slightly better rate, then you should take a look at Hodlnaut.
  • Based out of Singapore – Hodlnaut is one of many next gen financial companies to come out of Singapore. While Singapore has always been a financial hub, it’s now also become a next-gen financial hub as well.
  • Token Swap – One thing that annoys me using YouHodler (a similar service) is that switching between cryptos on the platform incurs large fees. On Hodlnaut you can easily swap between tokens without fees.
  • Interest Paid Weekly – No need to wait a month (or longer) to get interest payments. Interest gets paid on Hodlnaut every week. This means your funds will compound faster.
  • No Minimum Deposit – Even if you’re new to crypto with a small holding you can still earn interest. There is no minimum deposit amount.

Remember that using a site like Hodlnaut is not equivalent to storing money in a bank account. Although these platforms are now more regulated (are are continuing to get more regulated) there are no deposit guarantees like you have with a regular Australian bank account. There are risks using a service like this. Crypto is volatile and there is always the threat of hackers. So just remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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