Here’s an FTX Referral Code for 2021

When you sign up to FTX using a referral code, you’ll save 5% on all trading fees. This could save you thousands of dollars so it’s really worth using one. So before signing up make sure you enter the FTX referral code: tradebitcoin

Here is how to use the code and save money on trading fees:

FTX Referral Code – Save 5% on Fees

On FTX you pay a fee whenever you make a trade. While this fee doesn’t seem like that much (FTX is one of the most competitive crypto exchanges), over time these fees can really add up.

But if you sign up to FTX with a promo code you’ll save 5% on your fees for life!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to FTX here
  2. Make sure you enter the code: tradebitcoin
  3. That’s it!

If you’re having trouble entering the code, just visit this link and it will automatically get filled for you.

Why I like Trading through FTX

FTX is one of my favourite crypto exchanges. Here is why I choose to use it over the competition:

Reliable Platform

If you’ve ever traded through Bitmex or Binance you’ll know how unreliable they can be, especially when there is an increase in market activity. There is nothing worse than trying to make a trade and the exchange going down. I haven’t had any of these problems with FTX. It’s always been fast and reliable.

Great Range of Markets

FTX has a huge range of markets to trade in. The most popular are the perpetual futures, but there are also spot, prediction, tokenised stocks and leveraged tokens. No matter what type of trading play you’re looking to make you should be able to do it through FTX.

Fast Withdrawals

You don’t need to wait days for withdrawals to be processed on FTX. I’ve found my withdrawals go through instantly. Deposits are also just as fast.

Well Designed Interface

FTX is much better designed than Binance and other similarly bad exchanges. While the mobile app could be better, the desktop interface is top notch. It’s fast, responsive and everything just makes sense.

Easy Lending

One way to make money through FTX is with lending. I find the lending experience to be straight forward and easy. While the rates you earn aren’t anywhere near as high as through a platform like Hodlnaught, I do like that FTX has an insurance fund to cover any exchange related faults. Lending through FTX is a great way to earn a little interest on your crypto while you aren’t trading.

You can find out more about FTX here

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